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The Pizzarap Story

On March 27, 2007, the friends and neighbors of Alberto Biaño in Cebu City were treated to the first serving of Mr. Biaño's famous pizza.  This core group became his first loyal customers, as news spread far and wide of the pizza with the great homemade taste that everyone could afford.  Inspired by the resounding success of his initial offering, Alberto Biaño continued to develop his recipes to improve his pizzas' quality and taste until a perfect blend of crispy dough and aromatic sauce was achieved for everyone to enjoy.

Another innovation was the concept of the “pizzaderia”,  which  combined the words “pizza” and “carenderia”, to describe the little streetside eateries where Biaño’’s delicious but affordable pizzas were enjoyed by  people from all walks of life. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and get-togethers, everyone wanted to make a Biaño’s  pizza part of their special treat.

From that little pizzaderia in Mabolo, Mr. Biaño soon branched out to Capitol, Tabunok, USC Main, Mandaue and Mactan, making Biaño's pizza a truly well-loved snack in Cebu.  Realizing the potential for such great value in an affordable price, many franchisers from different places all over the country such as Cagayan de Oro, Oroquieta City, Butuan soon became part of the Biaño's Pizzaderia family. 


Biaño's Pizzaderia is committed to becoming part of the Filipino family's various celebrations, offering that delicious homemade taste which people from all walks of life have come to cherish and value.  We would like you to become an invaluable part of the Biaño's family by acquiring a franchise today, for a chance to acquire a low-capital, high-return business which banks on Filipino values such as family ties, friendship, community celebration and the celebratory fiesta spirit.  Our goal is to see a Biaño's Pizzaderia at every street corner in your Filipino neighborhood, as families everywhere will come to  make that great homemade pizza taste a part of each and every milestone in their lives.

Our franchise includes not only training and assistance in the running and operations of a Biaño's Pizzaderia, but also comes with promotional and marketing assistance to garner that sure-fire Biaño's formula for continued success.

What are you waiting for?  Call  Biaño's today at (+63 32) 267-7838 or you may email us for further inquiries This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We hope to make you part of our growing success.  Join Biaño's Pizzaderia today and be part of our winning team!